Gone pasta (ahem, winter), gone.

by cindy winetroub rogers

shrimp pasta 1

It may be in the 20s here in the frigid northeast on this, the second day of spring. But I shall not be daunted. Nor will Leo.

We walked for 45 minutes, then he frolicked in the backyard, and then we had a fine spring feast of homemade pasta with Gulf Shrimp and a luscious zesty feta cheese sauce that was every bit as rich as Fettuccine Alfredo, but with none of those rueful heavy-cream after effects.

It was, dare we utter such a trite and over used term, delicious.

And may I also add that it was so-so-so easy? Other than making the pasta and sautéeing the shrimp, the only thing you need do is marinate the feta. Sheep’s milk is my preference. It has just the right tang.

 What to do:

1) Crumble a 1/3 or so cup of feta into a bowl (for God’s sake, don’t buy pre-crumbled.) Drizzle enough extra virgin olive oil it to get it nice and oily, then crack a generous pile of black pepper over it. Grate the zest of a whole lemon over it, throw in thinly sliced basil, and take a dinner fork and whip it till it’s nice and creamy.

shrimp pasta 4

2) Make the pasta dough. (One egg per ¾ cup flour: mixed, rested, kneaded, and run through the pasta machine.) If you’ve never made pasta, I suggest Guliano Hazan’s Homemade Italian Pasta course on craftsy.com.

shrimp pasta 3shrimp pasta 5

3) Boil the pasta.

4) Sauté the shrimp in olive oil, garlic, and white wine.

5) Open a nice bottle of unoaked Chardonnay, or a perfectly balanced and lightly oaked French one.

6) Add the cooked pasta to the shrimp directly in the pan, then add a generous dollop of the marinated feta cheese and mix it all up. Transfer it to a bowl. Then, drum roll, you’re ready to dig in.shrimp pasta 2

7) Don’t forget to share a bit of the pre-sauced pasta and shrimp with your dog and/or cat.


Happy 2nd day of spring.