Lentil, Sausage & I’ll-Get-To-It-Later Soup

by cindy winetroub rogers

lentil sausage whatever soup

It is, perhaps, my favorite phrase.

Laundry needs washing? “I’ll get to it later.” I still have at least one pair of clean socks. First draft of short story due in two days for Writers Group? No worries. That’s 48 hours away. It can wait. Besides, the dog needs walking. The floor needs sweeping. The living room windows are smudged. Wait, did anyone see where I put the Windex?

Anyway, Car Talk is on. And I still have to read Wild before the movie comes out. Oh, and look at that chow.com post that just came in through my Facebook feed: Nine recipes for making the most of your muffin tins. Spaghetti Pie and Mini Tamale Pie Muffins…aren’t they cute? I must make them now, this minute. Except they both require a trip to the grocery store. Sigh. That can wait as well.

I know. I’ll make soup. That Italian sausage needs to be cooked today, and the pantry has needed cleaning for quite sometime.

Besides, it’s not even noon yet. Plenty of time to write that story later. There’s always tomorrow. Right?


1. Remove the casings from four Italian sausage links and add to well-oiled soup pot. Break the links into bite size bit and brown over medium heat.

2. Add three to four minced garlic cloves and two small onions, diced. After a few minutes, add three to four diced carrots and, if the mood strikes you, a parsnip or turnip or two or three.

3. Sprinkle liberally with cumin, coriander, thyme, and oregano, and add a bay leaf for no real reason other than my sister thinks every soup needs one.

4. Add a couple tablespoons of white wine and give it a stir, then turn the heat up a bit to let the wine reduce.

5. Once wine has reduced, add a cup or two of chopped tomatoes, and three to four cups of chicken broth. Then add a diced potato or two, some butternut squash cubes if you have them, and a cup or two of rinsed and sorted lentils.
I like an heirloom lentil mix but you may certainly use any lentils you like.

6. Bring to a boil, then simmer, partially covered for 40 minutes or so. Stir occasionally, skimming any surface foam that may arise, while mulling over who and what your short story will be about. Or what you’ll cook next instead.